Design your own plush toy like Toradora palmtop tiger plush

Tora Dora Plush

Toradora is a Japanese light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya. Toradora fans are sure to know who this tiny feisty tiger is meant to represent: heroine Taiga Aisaka of course!  The characters are now turned into the Tora Dora plush. This adorable mini personal stuffed animal often makes appearances in the series together with Taiga. The personalised tiger teddy is super stuffed, has solid stitching, and can even stand proudly on its own! If Taiga is one of your favorite tsundere anime characters, this Palmtop Tiger plushie is a must-have collectible! Or you may get in touch to design your own plush toy with Gameplushtoy! If you're looking for stuffed animal manufacturers to make a book character, mascot, company logo or other promotional plush - you're in luck! We make it easy for you to order personalized plush animals

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