Anime Plush Toys

A cute custom anime plush will help you to sell more and bring exposure to your brands. Toyard makes unique custom plush dolls that may be personalized any way the customer wants. Similar to this, we design your own stuffed animal that is wonderful for children to cuddle with and stay company. We'll turn your concepts into computer-generated models before moving on to the real-world custom picture stuffed animal. Welcome to create your own plush and produce cute personalized stuffed animals.


Among us Plush

The custom Among us plush toy collection includes your kid's favorite toys, from Among us crewmate plush designed by Frisk Wolfie. This custom Among us Plush toy now to catch up with the newest trending for Among us game IP Fans. Toyard is a custom plush maker with more than ten years experience, we can provide the custom plushies, personalized stuffed animals, and bulk orders of custom stuffed animals with no minimums! Make your own plush through your picture or artwork, like the custom among us plush toy. Send Inquiry Now.

Animal Crossing Plush

With hundreds of villagers and NPCs in the Animal Crossing game, there are many choices of different designed custom animal crossing plushies. Huggable versions of all your favorite characters are available, whether you buy a readymade item, commission a fully plush toy custom or make it yourself with a DIY pattern. Make one with plush toy custom same as the animal crossing stuffed animals. Toyard have over 15 years of experience making custom plush toys for everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 Companies, We will be able to help you make your stunning custom animal crossing plushies in just 7 days.

Angry Birds Plush

Pretend you are living in the game with a real-life version of Angry Birds Plush! The angry birds stuffed for toddlers. The cute little angry birds plush toy can make your child have fun and relieves their emotions. There are many different angry birds plush toy designed plushies available, and it's cool for game fans to make the angry birds plush collection. We can make a custom dog stuffed animal of any character you choose. The detail is incredible, including their perfect outfits. The stuffed animal that looks like your picture like the angry birds plush. MOQ 500+. Toyard has more than fifteen years of wholesale plush toy customization experience, supply a wide variety of high-quality custom stuffed animals to overseas customers. Welcome to contact to meet high quality angry birds plush toy samples and competitive price.

Battle Cat Plush

The battle cat plush is designed with a cute cartoon cat, which is very cute and adds fun to daily life. The battle cats stuffed animals are the perfect gift for friends as holiday gift. The cat soft toy is so cute, suitable for any age, it will complement your home decoration and is suitable for everyone. At Gameplushtoy, we are able to create a custom cat plush or personalized cat teddy in a cartoon feel. Filled with PP cotton inside, feel comfortable, fine workmanship, not easy to damage. People will really love it! We have more than 15 years experience in custom plush toys, custom stuffed animals production is always completed within one week. 

Baron Bunny Plush

The Genshin Impact plush is made from soft, huggable material. As a manufacturer of custom plush toys, Toyard have a good control over plush toys and raw materials. The cute and novel baron bunny plush toy is very suitable for fans and young people to fall asleep, creating a sense of security. For any Genshin Impact fans, the Genshin plush is the perfect holiday gift for your family, friends, children, or colleague. They are friendship gifts for festivals and warm trinkets for friends. Toyard is able to custom stuffed dolls look like you or help you to make your own plush.

Bendy Plush

Bendy and the Dark Revival is the much-anticipated return to the creepy cartoon studio of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Fans can collect the cartoon cuteness like the bendy plush, and bendy and the ink machine plush with these awesome collectible plush figures. "Wow, what a great quality little bendy plush! So soft and feels sturdy and well put together. The likeness is great too. " This is what our customer said when they received the custom bendy plush. We are custom plush manufacturer of innovative personalised plush toys, squeeze toys, and custom stuffed dolls. Our specialty is making your character or design come to life. Custom stuffed animals of your pet cheap, and with low MOQ. Get a quote for your personalised plush toys now!

Big Kirby Plush

Kirby may seem like an innocent little puffball, but he has saved Dream Land multiple times, defeated imposing villains, and led many exciting adventures across the stars. Overwhelm your favorite gamer with pure joy by surprising them with the big Kirby plush. The cuddly and giant Kirby plush comes with super high-quality material. These cute big Kirby plushies are the ideal cuddle buddies for gamers. At Custom Plush, we are proud to be one of the best quality manufacturers to make personalised stuffed animals and have been a professional custom plush maker for more than 15 years. We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal with low MOQ and cost. Get a quote for your project today!

Club Penguin Plush

The club penguin plush was based on the hugely popular online game, Club Penguin! Club Penguin was a very popular online game for kids. Players used cartoon penguin avatars and played in an antarctic-themed open world. These penguin plushies keep the game world expanding offline! Amazing cute design and form make sure he offers a friendly and wonderful little companion to help really build up your growing collection. Toyard can do personalized penguin stuffed animals and personalized stuffed penguin same as the super cuddly club penguin plush. We’ve created thousands of custom plushies and other products for authors, businesses, sports teams, groups and organizations, and a wide variety of popular brands across the globe. Get an Instant Quote and create your own plush toy now!

Dart Monkey Plush

Dart Monkey Plush in its cute and cuddly Plush form! Always ready to help fend off the Bloon invasion, Dart Monkey has its dart (softly) sharpened and ready to go. Designed by Ninja Kiwi, Dart Monkey personalized monkey stuffed animal is made with an Ultra Soft Fleece exterior that feels amazing! Whether sitting on your desk, guarding your bookshelf, or keeping watch while you sleep, bloons dart monkey will keep the Bloons away, and always with a smile. The surface of a custom stuffed monkey is made of short plush with a comfortable feel, and the interior is filled with soft PP cotton. We are custom plush toy manufacturers with more than 15 years experiences and we can turn anything into custom stuffed animals with low MOQ. Make your own plush toy now!

Demon Slayers

Demon Slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. It follows teenage Tanjiro Kamado, who strives to become a demon slayer after his family was slaughtered and his younger sister, Nezuko, turned into a demon. Excerpt from the popular anime "Devil Slayer", the demon slayer plush is an indispensable episode for all anime fans. The custom plush doll is definitely a good gift for your family or friends. Toyard is a plush doll manufacturer and plush doll makers, We can helps you to produce stunning cute cartoon artwork for the custom anime plush toys. It is the best online Wholesale Custom Anime Plushies service, make your own high quality personalized stuffed doll now.

Dragon Ball Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a 2022 Japanese computer-animated martial arts fantasy/adventure film.The highly-anticipated Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is getting some more toys for fans to collect, including a handful of custom made plushies figures based on characters from the film. There are many dragon ball super super heroes in the film. The latest batch of collectibles from the upcoming film are of the plush variety including the most popular plush Goku. We are able to help you make your own plush toy that is collectible and really valuable for your anime fans. Toyard is anime plush manufacturer and wholesale plush company within more than 15 years experience, custom anime plush dolls of anime chracter that you like now, no MOQ.

Donkey Kong Plush

Donkey Kong is a powerful hero Kong from Donkey Kong Island. Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong, but he relinquished the name to his replacement sometime before the events of Donkey Kong Country. The Donkey Kong stuffed animal is so cute. The donkey kong plush high-quality, well-made, and safe product. He conveys the message of brave while simple message to the fans of Donkey Kong country. Welcome to make your own stuffed animal or we can custom stuffed animal that looks like your picture. We are custom plush maker, Get in touch and get more information now!

Final Fantasy Plush

Final Fantasy primary installments are generally stand-alone anthology series of role-playing games. Each plot centers for the final fantasy 14 on a particular group of heroes who are battling a great evil, but also explores the characters' internal struggles and relationships.  The game characters are now final fantasy plushies! A series of collectible final fantasy dolls that every game fans cannot miss.  It's made like a teddy bear with freely moving limbs, and it's the perfect size to carry around, making it an ideal cosplay accessory! We wholesale plush toys for more than 15 years and we can also design your own plush with your design and do different custom soft toys. Order yours today! 

Fnaf Plush

Five Nights at Freddy's is an American media franchise and has gained worldwide popularity. Now all the characters have been turned into fnaf plush short for five nights at Freddy's plushies. The foxy plush is the most popular one with its cutie design. These adorable fnaf plush custom are perfect for any Five Nights at Freddy's fan! The custom fnaf plushies are cuddlier to bring home. The fnaf custom plushies for sale mostly during the holiday season. Check out more for fnaf ar custom plush, collect them all or create your own custom fnaf plushies! Toyard is one of the best stuffed animal wholesale manufacturers in China, we will be able to custom plushies with your own design or picture. Order yours now!

Fortnite Plush

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games Fortnite. It is available in three distinct game mode versions and is very popular worldwide. Who wouldn't want to cuddle with the Fortnite Plush? The Fortnite plush has highly detailed decoration inspired by the most popular game characters from Epic Games' Fortnite. The Fortnite plush toys feature high-quality fabric and incredible embroidered details. These Fortnite stuffed animals are perfect for Fortnite in real life.  More styles of custom made stuffed animals are dropping soon. Collect the custom horse stuffed animal all! As a wholesale soft toys manufacturer, Toyard has experience of wholesale plush stuffed animals for more than 15years, contact us to create personalized plush toys now!

Friday Night Funkin Plush

The main series of Friday Night Funkin consists of nine survival horror video games taking place in locations connected to a fictional family pizza restaurant franchise named "Friday Funkin Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". It's one of the most popular video games in the world. We have the most popular figures from the Friday Night Funkin video game including Boyfriend, Whitty, Skid, and Pump. Our Friday Night Funkin Plushies are made of high-quality non-toxic materials. Your beloved ones will have so much fun having the FNF plush. The main materials of personalised bunny teddy are made of high-quality short plush fabric and pp cotton filling, which is safe and healthy for adults and children. Gameplushtoy will be able to create stuffed animal that looks like your picture. We are a full spectrum custom toy manufacturer. For over  some of the best known companies in the world have chosen us to custom made plush toys. We develop safe, high-quality custom made plush toys at price points designed to work across all channels of trade.

Elden Ring Plush

Indulge in the fantastical world of Elden Ring Plush and explore the realm of custom plush dolls. Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe inspired by the epic game, where softness meets adventure. These meticulously crafted collectibles capture the essence of the characters and creatures from Elden Ring, bringing them to life in cuddly form. But the journey doesn't end there. With custom plush dolls, you have the power to unleash your creativity and design a truly one-of-a-kind stuffed toy. From choosing the fabrics to personalizing every detail, these custom creations reflect your unique style and imagination. Embrace the magic and embark on a plush-filled adventure today.


The Haikyuu manga and anime have been met with positive responses worldwide. This inspiring story just released its Haikyuu season 4 and Haikyuu season 5. Collect all your favorite Haikyu!! characters with this awesome Haikyuu plush. This personalized stuffed doll is inspired by the hot anime Haikyuu.  The personalized plush doll is made of PP cotton, eco-friendly and safe, has fine sewing technology, super soft and comfortable. Makes the perfect gift personalised plush doll for any anime fan! Gameplushtoy is professional supplier of personalized stuffed toy, we are able to make bulk plush toys order for companies! Our great custom made soft toys services help you impress your customers and fans.

Huggy Wuggy Plush

Huggy Wuggy is the main villain from Poppy Playtime which is a survival horror video game that is popular worldwide The furry blue monster has amassed a following of sorts online. The huggy wuggy plush is a soft and comforting monster that will become a favorite companion for playtime and bedtime. These huggy wuggy plush toys are made of high-quality material, washable and durable, and designed with realistic detail. Gameplushtoy can create your own stuffed animal or personalized plush toys like the huggy wuggy plush available in many different sizes, you can even custom life size stuffed animals. custom stuffed animals wholesale is supported.

God of War Ragnarok Plush

Experience the epic saga of God of War Ragnarok through our exclusive collection of plush toys. Immerse yourself in the gripping Norse mythology and embrace the power of Kratos and Atreus with our meticulously crafted God of War Ragnarok plushies. These soft and huggable companions capture the essence of the beloved characters, allowing you to relive the thrilling adventures from the game. And if you're a fan of anime, our custom anime plushies are the perfect choice. Design your own personalized anime-inspired plush, channeling your favorite characters and creating a unique collectible that reflects your passion for the art form. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the magic of plush with our God of War Ragnarok and custom anime plushies.


KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! is a Japanese light novel series. Collect all your favorite Konosuba plush characters with this awesome plush! Highly detailed and colorful custom stuffed toys. Gameplushtoy is able to help you build anime like Konosuba doll with high quality, cute, collectible, and limited availability! We build high-quality and lifelike personalised plush and personalized plushie. Get in touch now to custom character plush from any anime, novel and game, etc.

Luigi and Sonic Plush

Super Mario is a platform game series created by Nintendo, featuring their mascot, Mario and Luigi. The sonic plush, Luigi plush, and Sonic the hedgehog plush are a great sonic plush collection that is very popular among game fans. Toyard used the highest quality 100% polyester microfiber to build the luigi and sonic plush toys to make sure that he can be cuddled for years and not wear out. The luigi and sonic plush custom is extremely soft to touch. The custom sonic plush is a great gift for kids or Mario fans that everybody cannot miss. Toyard is a plush toys factory with more than 15 years experience,  Toyard can turn any photo or artwork into personalised stuffed animals, we will create a huggable experience for you! Order for custom plush toy now!

Lanky Box Plush

The Lankybox plush is a trendy toy that everyone loves nowadays! This adorable member of the LankyBox team includes lanky box plush, foxy plush toy, and more. Now the lanky box is available to come to hang out with you. The lanky box plush has tons of fun details, including embroidered facial features, soft plush fabric, and his signature embroidered on the back. The custom cuddlies lank ybox plush has perfectly sized to be carried around easily, but still big enough to give a giant hug. Gameplushtoy makes Satisfying personalized stuffed toy texture and premium quality design. Collect all of the Lanky Box plush toys at a low price. We provide best stuffed toys online custom service, you can also create your own plush toy based on any design you like same as lankybox plush.


Naruto is one of the best-selling manga series in history. The story is about a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. Boruto is a spin-off and a sequel to Kishimoto's Naruto, which follows the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki's son, Boruto Uzumaki, and his ninja team. The strong storyline and well-crafted fight scenes are really addicting. The naruto plushies are so popular with fans. The naruto stuffed animal and Kurama plush are with detailed and lifelike craftmanship. Toyard is also able to custom animal plush of other anime you like. As plush manufacturer, we understand customers' requests and can make the high detailed cuddly personalised plush toys, support wholesale plush animals.

Lost Ark Plush

Introducing our delightful Mokoko Plush and an enchanting world of custom plush creations. Mokoko Plush is the epitome of cuteness, with its irresistible charm and cuddle-worthy appeal. Its soft and fluffy texture makes it the perfect companion for cozy moments. But the excitement doesn't stop there! With our custom plush options, you can take personalization to a whole new level. Create your own unique plush, selecting from a wide array of colors, fabrics, and features. From adorable animals to whimsical characters, let your imagination soar as you bring your dream plushie to life. Discover the magic of Mokoko Plush and unlock a world of endless possibilities with our custom creations.

Mega Man Plush

Mega Man is a Japanese science fiction video game franchise created by Capcom, starring a series of robot characters each known by the moniker "MegaMan". Custom plush doll maker Sanei is bringing many different sizes of mega man plush, Mega man x plush, and Proto man plush to Megan man fans. The Megaman plush is made of super plush material, his face looks great and he has nice shine details in his eyes. It's a great custom made plush doll that will surprise the game fans. For all lovers of the games, custom plush dolls is a great way to collect a piece of the action! We design, mass produce and ship bulk orders of custom made soft toys based on client’s illustrations or mascot designs. We start with a physical prototype sample, and then once a client has approved their prototype, they can then place their bulk plush toys order for their retail or promotional needs.

Minecraft Bee Plush

Minecraft bee received critical acclaim, winning several awards and later being cited as one of the greatest video games of all time. Minecraft fans will love collecting their favorite characters in Minecraft bee plush. The Minecraft bee plush is made from a variety of fabrics and textiles, so they're fun to touch. The Minecraft custom plush is an intimate gift for anime lovers, a fun hug toy for reading, watching TV, studying, and sleeping. This lovely beehive Minecraft pillow is perfect for a shelf in your room. Regardless of age, it is still the sweetest and most lovely personalized stuffed animals for valentine's day, Christmas, birthdays, children's day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, children, girls, boys, babies, friends, and so on. Toyard is one of the best stuffed toy manufacturers in china with more than 15 years experience of custom cuddlies and personalized soft dolls. We support to make your own Minecraft plush or custom stuffed animals of your picture cheap low cost. Get in touch and get your own Minecraft plush bee. 

My Hero Academia

The anime series My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a person born with no unique superpowers in a world full of superheroes. Both the manga and its anime adaptation are considered one of the best of the 2010s. My hero academia plush has received an overwhelmingly positive response from both critics and audiences. My hero academia doll and my hero academia stuffed animals are not only the custom made plush toys but also convey the message that Life is full of opportunities. The custom plush picture can be with any of the designs and crab the chance to make your own personalized soft toys. they will be good gifts if you want to custom stuffed animals for boyfriend or anybody.

Pacman Plush

Pac Man is a Japanese video game franchise. Play Pacman game may become in the memory of many since it's one of the is one of the longest-running, best-selling, and highest-grossing video game franchises in history. On Pacman 30th anniversary, it released a full series of pac man plush toys.  Pacman Plush is also perfect for playing like most of the Pac man stuffed animals. It Is Made Of High-Quality, Hugable Plush Materials That Can Be Embraced And Entertained for A Lifetime. For many people, it's a good memory to make stuffed animal like your picture or make picture into stuffed animal. Get in touch and make one plush toy with excellent craftsmanship and exquisite high-quality custom character plush. Toyard Offering High Quality Custom custom plush toy Based on Kids Drawing, Graphical Pictures, Old or Damaged Plushes, Etc. We've created thousands of custom made plushies and other products for authors, businesses, sports teams, groups and organizations, and a wide variety of popular brands across the globe. Get a quote for custom plush toys wholesale now!

Overwatch Plush

Indulge in the thrilling world of Overwatch with our captivating Overwatch plush collection. Immerse yourself in the heroic universe as you cuddle up with your favorite characters, each meticulously crafted with attention to detail. From Tracer's iconic goggles to Reinhardt's imposing armor, our Overwatch plushies capture the essence of the game's beloved heroes, providing both comfort and companionship. But the excitement doesn't end there. With our custom stuffed options, you have the opportunity to design your own unique plush, bringing your imagination to life. Create a one-of-a-kind stuffed companion that reflects your style and creativity. Join the Overwatch fandom and embark on a plush-filled adventure today.

Pikmin Plush

Pikmin is a series gameplay that combines elements of action platformer with puzzle and strategy gameplay. The cute characters and gameplay have attracted a lot of fans. Now they turn into Pikmin plush! There are several different custom stuffies available including ones based on all five Pikmin types. The most popular ones are purple Pikmin plush and rock Pikmin plush. These custom made soft toys are super cute and soft. They can be used to decorate your home, send as gifts, and collectible for fans. Custom plush toys no minimum or create your own plush toy like the Pikmin Plush with Gameplushtoy! As one of the best stuffed animal wholesale manufacturers in china, we can turn anything into high quality custom stuffed toys. Get a quote now!

Pokemon Plush

Pokemon is estimated to be the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. The Cute and cuddly Pokemon plush is a must-have for all Pokemon fans. Among the Pokemon stuffed animals, Pikachu plush, Snorlax plush, Eevee plush, and Gengar plush are the most popular and hot sales. These custom furry plushies figure is great to take wherever you go! The custom pokemon plush is inspired by the Pokemon anime, Let's Go! They are super cute and cuddly made with soft and high-quality material. Turn Your Pokemon Art into Custom Stuffed Dolls. Gameplushtoy is your favorite custom pokemon plush maker and gets your custom furry plushies and We Can Make Custom Characters From Any Video Game.

PVZ Plush

Plants vs zombies are now toy! The pvz plushies have many different designs. They are perfect gifts for video game enthusiast. The pea shooter plush and pvz zombie plush are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play. Give it to your nephew or niece, or keep it for yourself as Novelties and gifts. The pea shooter plush and pvz zombie plush are with excellent craftsmanship, good sewing craftsmanship, exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality material strongly built that can last for years. Gameplushtoy can help you turning your picture into a stuffed animal or personalized stuffed animals with sound, we provide best wholesale stuffed animals for more than 15 years. What is more, custom stuffed animals no minimum here at Toyard. 

Roblox Plush

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. The company has created a lot of cute images, and they have become very popular as Roblox plushies. The Roblox plush is designed by characters from popular games with vivid images. These custom Roblox plushies are indispensable friends for game fans. All the Roblox stuffed animals use high-quality short plush, filled with soft pp cotton, soft to the touch, and the material is skin-friendly. The Roblox custom plush makes great gifts for young children and is great fun to collect. All the Roblox plush customs can be personalized into Roblox plush make your own character. Toyard is able to make custom plush toys like roblox character plush toys. Design Your Own Plushies Based on Roblox, you can have best custom stuffed animals wholesale service at toyard or make your own custom stuffed animal based on your artwork. 

Sonic Plush

Your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character is brought to life with these adorable designed sonic plush! These sonic plush toys are made with high-quality material to ensure a long-lasting life. sonic the hedgehog plush is an awesome design and soft features, it is sure to excite any anime fan! Collect all your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters with these awesome sonic stuffed animals! The sonic plush custom is made with high-quality material - stuffed with high-quality stuffing and stitched to perfection, each plush is extremely durable for years to come! Gameplush toy is professional at create custom plush toy just like the custom sonic plush, you can also create some custom stuffed dolls look like you or your pet.

Splatoon Plush

Splatoon is an upcoming third-person shooter video game, the exciting gameplay attracts many players. The cool Splatoon is now turned into Splatoon plush! The Sanrio Splatoon plush is a super soft and huggable single custom plush! Unlike other ordinary stuffed animals made to look like your picture, these high-quality collectible Splatoon 3 plush have a unique squishy texture and are super soft to touch. This Splatoon plush series features fan-favorite characters. Whether looking for fun kids' room decor, treating your favorite gamer, or yourself; there's a Mocchi- Mocchi- sure to please everyone.  Collect all custom Splatoon plushies! Toyard is a plush toy manufacturer in china and have rich experience for wholesale stuffed animals, we can create custom plush toy based on your picture or artwork.

Spyro Plush

He's back! Everyone's favorite Spyro dragon swoops in with all his friends (and enemies) from the Spyro the Dragon video game in Spyro the dragon plush, huggable form and packed with '90s nostalgia. This purple custom dragon plush has a calming and happy expression on his face. The Spyro stuffed animal's yellow horns stick up above his head with his yellow wings on his back. This personalized dinosaur plush is made out of 100% soft PP cotton and is generously filled with stuffing. Gameplushtoy is able to help you personalized stuffed dinosaurs, personalised dinosaur plush and personalized dinosaur stuffed animals as cute as the Spyro plush. If you are looking for wholesale plush dolls with your design, gameplushtoy is your best choose, get a quote now!

Squid Game Plush

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series that was to critical acclaim and international attention. The Squid game character now turned to the super cute squid game plush. The squid game plush toy looks make this plushy more attractive and a great source of joy. The outer surface of this squid game plush doll is made up of soft Plush and internally it is stuffed with premium quality PP cotton. The custom made stuffed dolls are comfortable to touch. Gameplushtoy can help you to the stuffed doll with custom face and make your own plush doll. We Make Custom Soft Toys Easy. Get in touch to get more information of cheap custom stuffed animals now.

Teeturtles Plush

The teeturtle plushies are very popular among the world. The teeturtle octopus plushie is super soft, portable, and satisfying to flip. The design of the flippable octopus is so cute and it's easy and cool for effective emotional communication. The reversible octopus can help you to relieve stress by letting the Reversible Plushie tell friends, family, or coworkers how you are feeling. This creative octopus plush and tee turtle plush are great friends to be with you wherever you are. Gameplushtoy has been in the plush toy custom industry for more than 15 years and have been became a super stuffed animal factory in china. We can help you with custom reversible octopus or custom octopus plush. 

Tora Dora Plush

Toradora is a Japanese light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya. Toradora fans are sure to know who this tiny feisty tiger is meant to represent: heroine Taiga Aisaka of course!  The characters are now turned into the Tora Dora plush. This adorable mini personal stuffed animal often makes appearances in the series together with Taiga. The personalised tiger teddy is super stuffed, has solid stitching, and can even stand proudly on its own! If Taiga is one of your favorite tsundere anime characters, this Palmtop Tiger plushie is a must-have collectible! Or you may get in touch to design your own plush toy with Gameplushtoy! If you're looking for stuffed animal manufacturers to make a book character, mascot, company logo or other promotional plush - you're in luck! We make it easy for you to order personalized plush animals

Wordle Plush

Experience the word-guessing excitement of Wordle with our delightful Wordle Plush and stuffed pillows. Designed with love and attention to detail, these plush companions bring the joy of the game into your arms. Snuggle up with the soft and huggable Wordle Plush, or add a touch of Wordle-inspired charm to your home decor with our cozy stuffed pillows. Whether you're a dedicated Wordle player or searching for a unique gift, our Wordle Plush and stuffed pillows are the perfect way to showcase your love for the game and bring a smile to your face. Let the Wordle fun continue with these adorable and comforting companions.

Undertale Plush

Undertale is a 2D role-playing video game that was acclaimed for its thematic material, intuitive combat system, musical score, and the sans undertale characters. The undertale plush and sans plush are the most popular hot sale custom cuddly toys online. The undertale plush is not only a plush toy, but also perfect as a role-playing toy. There are many sizes available as well, Gameplushtoy is one of the best stuffed toy manufacturers in china and provide cheap personalized stuffed animals. we can help you custom life size plush. Just get in touch to "make my own plush" as the cute sans plush!

Zelda Plush

The Legend of Zelda is a high fantasy action-adventure video game franchise. Now the characters are turned into legend of zelda plushies. Among the Zelda plush, the most popular and hot sale ones are korok plush and link plush. These custom made stuffed toys are made of high-grade super soft short plush fabric, filled with high-quality PP cotton. Gameplushtoy as a custom plush toy maker, understands how to design your own soft toy as highly detailed and lifelike. 

Mocchi Plush

Mocchi plush toys are a line of high-quality, huggable plush animals made with premium materials. Each Mocchi plush toy is designed to be both visually appealing and comfortable for cuddling. With a wide variety of animals and colors to choose from, Mocchi plush toys are perfect for children and adults alike.

Custom Among us Plush Toy Crewmate Among Us Game Fans
Not Only A Custom Plush Toy---Online game Among us now is popular all over the world. The design inspiration of this custom plush toy comes from the Among us game, giving Among Us Game Fans more emotional snuggle, and conveying the positive qualities of this game character.  It is not only a doll but also a friend of game fans!
SOFT MATERIAL--- Hot Custom Among us Plush Toy is made of skin-friendly soft plush material, and the inside is filled with elastic pp cotton, which is soft and durable, giving Among Us Game Fans a cloud-like comfortable feel, and the safe and harmless material will not cause harm to the body.
Custom Among us Plush with Hat Crewmate Among Us Game Fans
Premium Custom Plush Toy-Online game Among us now is popular all over the world. The design inspiration of this custom plush toy comes from the Among us game, giving Among Us Game Fans more emotional snuggle, and conveying the positive qualities of this game character.  It is not only a doll but also a friend of game fans!
SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL-Hot Custom Among us Plush with hat is made of skin-friendly soft plush material, and the inside is filled with elastic pp cotton, which is soft and durable, giving Among Us Game Fans a cloud-like comfortable feel, and the safe and harmless material will not cause harm to the body. It comes with a custom hat which you can customize as per your requirements.
Custom Made Stuffed Animals Demon Slayer Tanjiro Plush For Tanjiro Demon Slayer Fans
Indulge in the world of Demon Slayer with our meticulously crafted Tanjiro plush and custom made stuffed animals. Our Tanjiro plush captures the essence of the determined Demon Slayer Corps member, from his iconic checkered haori to his determined expression. Cuddle up with this soft and huggable companion, feeling the comfort and warmth it provides. For a truly personalized experience, unleash your creativity with our custom made stuffed animals. Design your very own unique creation, choosing from a variety of fabrics, colors, and features. These plushies are more than just toys; they are cherished keepsakes that bring your imagination to life. Immerse yourself in the world of Demon Slayer and embrace the magic of these delightful plush companions.
Custom Among us Character Plush Cute Customized Plush Toy Gifts For Gamers
This is an Among us plush of the Avengers image that we customized for an American game company. The image of the most popular game is used, and the design is provided by the customer. After 2 days of design and drawing, the sample is produced and sent within 7 days. Among them, the image of purple among us plush is the most popular among fans. The best Christmas gift in 2022 is definitely bt21 among us plush.

Not Only A Customized Plush Toys-Online game Among us now is popular all over the world. The design inspiration of this Customized Plush Toys comes from the Among us game, giving Among Us Gamers more emotional snuggle, and conveying the positive qualities of this game character.  
Hot Sale Angry Bird Plush Toy Custom Bird Stuffed Animal
This angry bird plush toy is a high-fidelity plush toy that we made for Rovio Entertainment in Finland. Big hit in the US and UK. The design is completely in accordance with the design of the game bird, the image is cute, and the size is very suitable for children aged 3-4. This bird stuffed animal only took one week from the design to the sample, and the customer was very satisfied with the sample because we were very attentive during the whole process. Exquisite samples are produced in strict accordance with the customer's requirements for details.
Build Mascot Toy as Angry Bird Chuck Plush Customize Plush Toy For Favorite Cartoon Character
Maybe you are a company or organization from the United States, UK, France, Germany in Europe and want to make a mascot plush, then you have come to the right place! We are able to help you to create your own designed plush same to the Angry Bird Chuck Plush.

We have been a professional plush toy manufacturer in China for more than 15 years. We understand how to customize your mascot plush, consult us for free to get a sample. The only information we need is the size you need and a Mascot picture. We will help you choose the most suitable material to make your mascot plush toy, the most exquisite craftsmanship, and make plush toys worth collecting.
Hot Sale Angry Bird Plush Custom Plushies Gift For Game Fan
Prototyped from the fun and fun Angry Birds game, gamer fans want a cute Angry Bird Plush as a keepsake. Once the Angry Birds design was launched, it was well received. These plushies have 4 different colors to meet your various color control.
If you are also a game company or have a mascot you want to design, just get in touch with TOYARD! We can custom exquisite plushies for you, and your fans will be very enthusiastic about your plushies, which will help promote your brand. The plushies are the playmate that many people would like to keep at home for a long time. 
Custom Your Owl Stuffed Animal Cute As Animal Crossing Plush Best Gift Idea For Your Company
Animal Crossing Game inspires this owl stuffed animal. This image is one of the most popular in the entire game. Would you like to turn your idea into a plush toy that is as memorable as animal crossing stuffed animals? Please share it with your followers and remind them of your precious brand when they cuddle up with an owl stuffed animal. Commemorative plush toys will be collected for a long time.
In the United States or the United Kingdom, it may cost more than $300 to customize an owl stuffed animal. Toyard in China, the lowest price is only 150 US dollars. We guarantee the finest fabrics and stuffing for your precious plush toys.
Make Your Own Animal Crossing Plush Stuffed Fox Audie With Your Design
This Stuffed fox is a customized stuffed animal for Audie that we made for Animal crossing developed by Nintendo of Japan. The design mainly adopts the original image design of the customer. After a series of serious and meticulous discussions, the Audie animal crossing plush was completed within 10 days, and the samples were sent out on time for the 1st version.
Toyard is very happy to be able to cooperate with Nintendo. We believe all game fans will be very happy when they receive this stuffed fox animal crossing plush.
Custom Stuffed Dolls Animal Crossing Plushies Gift For Kids Children
Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo and is extremely popluar in Canada and The United States. The animal crossing plushies are made for the game fans by Toyard. This cute duck stuffed animal was done according to the original game character design and it takes 8 days to prepare for the samples.
It's a great honor for Toyard to make such an amazing designed Custom stuffed dolls and I'm sure receiving the  animal crossing plushies is a great joy. The product research and development department of our plush toys has accurately classified and explained the fabrics and fillings to ensure that customers will not choose the wrong product quality. 
Hot Sale Animal Crossing Stuffed Animal Roymond Plush Gift for Gamer and Kids
Designed from the most popular social simulation video game series animal crossing. The adorable Raymond plush that can't be missed in 2023 are not only the best companion for children, but also a great collector's item for gamers. This size is perfect for putting on the sofa, bedroom, car, backpack, allowed, can also be held in the hand, is a good friend of the child.
Let TOYARD also help you make your custom stuffed toy. Every time your fans see the product like the animal crossing stuffed animals, they can't put it down, and a memorable plush toy is definitely a plus for your brand.  At the same time, our custom stuffed toy support a variety of sewing techniques, exquisite sewing lines, or strong sewing techniques you care about.
Super Cute Stitches Plush Best Stuffed Animals Toy Gift for Kids and Fans
Would you like to change your idea into the cute stuffed animals toys like the animal crossing new horizons plush? The Stitches Plush is very popular in the United Kingdom and the USA. Share the stuffed animals toys with your fans and remind them of your brand when they hold a cute cartoon image stuffed animal toys. A keepsake plush toy is a playmate that many people would like to keep at home.
Maybe you are a British brand company or organization from Europe, here is a Chinese plush toy manufacturer, Toyard is our brand. We can help you customize a plush toy, consult us for free to get a sample, and tell me the size you need, for example, you need a Stitches Plush about 35 inches. We are more than happy to provide samples of the stuffed animals toys as displayed in our store.