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Posted in : "2022 - November"

  • Haikyuu: The Plushie For Everyone
    Haikyuu: The Plushie For Everyone

    Haikyuu is a story about a boy named shojo who loves to play volleyball. One day, he meets a girl named Hinata who also loves to play volleyball. Together, they form a strong bond and eventually become one of the best volleyball teams in the country. However, their success is not without its challenges. They face many formidable opponents, including a team from another school that seems to be unstoppable.

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  • Bendy Game
    Bendy Game

    Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person puzzle action-horror game with a unique cartoon atmosphere and an intriguing storyline. As the protagonist, Henry, you explore an old animator's workshop that has been long abandoned.

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  • Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Time
    Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Time

    In Dragon Ball Super: superhero time, the heroes are back and they're ready to take on a new threat. This time, they'll have to team up with some of the universe's strongest fighters to protect Earth from destruction. With exciting new transformations, powerful attacks, and non-stop action, Dragon Ball Super is sure to be one of the most electrifying shows on television! 

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